Welly Walk

This week in Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne’s class the children looked for colours in Smatcher wood with Mrs Dinsdale. Before the children left they predicted how many colours from their colour wheel they would see. The children thought they would find between 2 and 6 colours. They were surprised to find there was actually 9 different colours in leaves, berries, flowers and toadstools!

Funny bones

This week Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have been learning all about their bodies. The children made skeletons out of cotton buds. We had lots of different skeletons, some were dancing, some were singing and some were even jumping!



Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have been exploring fossils this week. The children have made their own dinosaur fossils out of clay

The children have also enjoyed understanding the role of a Palaentologist.

They have been using tools to dig out fossils within our continuous provision.

Freezing and Melting

We carried out an experiment using the natural resources that we found to help us learn about freezing and melting. We made some great predictions about what would happen to the ice when we hung it outside.

It took 29 hours for the ice to completely melt!