Planning our outdoor area

 This week dosbarth Mrs Curtis have been planning and designing their outdoor space. We started by measuring the area using trundle wheels, then deciding as a class on the scale to use on the plans.

 The next step was to measure the shed and the outdoor classroom, ready to add them to our plans.

 Team work was needed for this exercise.

 Back in the classroom, each table drew up their scaled plans. They decided where they wanted the different areas to be, including a new cherry tree and what we are going to plant in the planters.

 The year 6’s had the job of planting the cherry tree outside the classroom.


Welcome back dosbarth Mrs Curtis

The Children in dosbarth Mrs Curtis are happy that they are back in school with their friends. We have been having lessons outside enjoying the new playground and it’s markings, the outdoor classroom and the rainbow picnic benches.

 Playing netball.

 A language, literacy and communication lesson outside. Discussing the reasons for and against children having mobile phones.

 Our new insect hotel being filled with sticks.

 We even have dinner outside, enjoying the spring sunshine.


STEM Challenge

Dosbarth Mrs Curtis have been using what they have learnt about light and reflection to make a periscope. In groups they were given a shoebox, two mirrors and some sellotape. 

After a few attempts they all worked it out.

Art Lesson


Dosbarth Mrs Curtis have been busy creating artwork in the style of famous pieces of art, these will be displayed in a ‘gallery’ in the classroom.

Do you recognise any of these masterpieces?

Years 2 and 3

We visited Esco’s shop in New Radnor village to buy the ingredients for our ‘Fraction Sandwiches’.

The sandwiches were a great success and the children have lots of fun learning about fractions as well as eating the sandwiches!

Goodrich Castle visit.

Oil pastels and paint were used to produce this wall display of Goodrich Castle after the visit.

Children of the World – Christmas Play 2018 Children from Ireland

Children of the World – Christmas Play 2018 Children from Australia

Children of the World – Christmas Play 2018 Children from China

Coding with Lego WeDo 2.0