Health and Well-being

Dosbarth Mrs Curtis have been using the new den building kits during their Health and Well-being lesson this week.

 Each group had a den building kit which included; two tarpaulins, a camouflage net, rope, tent pegs, a mallet and two clips.

They had to work as a team to make a den they could all fit in.


 All the groups successfully made a den that sheltered them when the rain started. Some had more room to move around than others. 

Planning our outdoor area

 This week dosbarth Mrs Curtis have been planning and designing their outdoor space. We started by measuring the area using trundle wheels, then deciding as a class on the scale to use on the plans.

 The next step was to measure the shed and the outdoor classroom, ready to add them to our plans.

 Team work was needed for this exercise.

 Back in the classroom, each table drew up their scaled plans. They decided where they wanted the different areas to be, including a new cherry tree and what we are going to plant in the planters.

 The year 6’s had the job of planting the cherry tree outside the classroom.



Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have been exploring fossils this week. The children have made their own dinosaur fossils out of clay

The children have also enjoyed understanding the role of a Palaentologist.

They have been using tools to dig out fossils within our continuous provision.

Welcome back dosbarth Mrs Curtis

The Children in dosbarth Mrs Curtis are happy that they are back in school with their friends. We have been having lessons outside enjoying the new playground and it’s markings, the outdoor classroom and the rainbow picnic benches.

 Playing netball.

 A language, literacy and communication lesson outside. Discussing the reasons for and against children having mobile phones.

 Our new insect hotel being filled with sticks.

 We even have dinner outside, enjoying the spring sunshine.


Freezing and Melting

We carried out an experiment using the natural resources that we found to help us learn about freezing and melting. We made some great predictions about what would happen to the ice when we hung it outside.

It took 29 hours for the ice to completely melt!