Our Welly Walk


This week Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have been learning about maps. As part of this, we went on a welly walk to explore our local area and then created our own maps of New Radnor in class. We have also learnt about physical and human features and identified these on our walk.


The Animal Man

On Monday the man from Corner Exotics came to our class and showed us lots of exotic animals. We had the opportunity to hold a tarantula, a chameleon, a giant frog, some snakes, a scorpion, a hedgehog and a chinchilla. We had so much fun but also learnt lots of interesting facts. Some of the children overcame their fears of snakes and spiders once they had the hands on experience with the animals and insects.

What a fabulous morning the children had!

Our Senses

Over the week Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have carried out a variety of experiments to explore our senses.

We smelt a variety of things including mint, vinegar, perfume and orange.

We tried lemon, chocolate, salty popcorn, jam and cheese puffs. The lemon was very sour!


We have been learning about coding this week. Some of the children have been programming the Bee-Bot and others have used a variety of resources. We had so much fun.

We had to give Miss Burgoyne instructions to make a jam sandwich. It was quite a buttery mess!

Our Body

This week we have been learning about muscles and how our body moves. Some of us researched facts about muscles, using non fiction books and the internet to create a spider diagram, and some of us went outside to explore our muscles by doing a variety of exercises.