Dosbarth Mrs Curtis a Dosbarth Miss Powell have been busy this week getting the garden ready for planting vegetables. The children worked in teams to clear the beds. They pulled up dead flowers, (being careful of the bulbs so we can replant next year) and removed all the weeds.

We will be planting our vegetables very soon!

Gwaith tîm a chyfathrebu!

The learners developed some important skills in our Health and Wellbeing session this afternoon. Learners trusted each other to lead them around our Trim Trail, blindfolded! Lots of imperative verbs and prepositions were used!

Trip to C.A.T

Dosbarth Miss Powell had a brilliant day yesterday at the Centre for Alternative Technology, as part of our topic, ‘Incredible Inventions’. We deepened our understanding of renewable energy sources and were able to see lots of real-life models. We also had a lot of fun in the workshop where we built and tested model wind turbines, we recorded our results from the voltmeter and then improved on our designs!