Severn Valley Country Park

We went to Severn Valley Country Park, first we had a look at the map. Then we went to the meadow to try and catch mini beasts with nets. Then we went to the woods and pulled apart the log piles to look for mini beasts.

We had lunch then went to the pond and tried to catch fish and mini beasts. My favourite bit was pond dipping.

Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne trip report by a year 2 pupil.

Bee Keeping

We have been very lucky to have Heather in today telling us all about her job role as a beekeeper and answering lots of our questions about bees and honey. We even got to taste some honey from Heather’s bees…. yum yum!


Dosbarth Mrs Curtis a Dosbarth Miss Powell have been busy this week getting the garden ready for planting vegetables. The children worked in teams to clear the beds. They pulled up dead flowers, (being careful of the bulbs so we can replant next year) and removed all the weeds.

We will be planting our vegetables very soon!