Iogo Cymru

Dosbarth Mrs Curtis became health and well-being teachers this week. The class sorted themselves into small groups and each group picked a yoga position from the Welsh yoga board in the playground.

First task was to use the ipads to translate the instructions from Welsh to English.

Each group then learnt how to do their yoga position before teaching it to the rest of the class.

Wildlife Haven

Dosbarth Mrs Curtis have been busy this term making their outdoor area into a wildlife haven.

They have planted flowers and vegetables, made a bug hotel, provided water for hedgehogs and other animals, put out a bee water station, collected rain water for watering their plants and started a compost bin.

The bee’s have even started using our bee box and the children enjoyed having a closer look at the larvae.

Survival Skills

Dosbarth Mrs Curtis have had a great time this week with survival skills.

The class had been marooned in the desert, they set up camp, then found a oasis across the desert.

Each group had 2 drain pipes and two sponges, they needed to work out how they could get the water from the oasis back to their camp.

Creating Comic Books

Over the last two weeks dosbarth Mrs Curtis have been planning and making comic books. First we made a success criteria for our comic strip, then we read a story called Alien Invasion and as a class planned each section of the story.


We then started working on our comic strips, adding pictures, speech bubbles, caption boxes and action words.


The finished comic strips look amazing!


Playground Games


Dosbarth Mrs Curtis have been using the new playground markings to make up playground games.

Each group had to teach the rest of the class how to play their game. The teams then voted for the game they enjoyed the most.

Parachute Investigation

Dosbarth Mrs Curtis have planned and carried out an investigation to find out if the size of a parachute affects the time it takes to fall. They asked the question does a big parachute fall slower than a small one?

First we made five different size parachutes out of plastic bin bags and string.

We then took the parachutes over to the park, they were all dropped from the top of the slide, three times. We recorded the time it took them to fall and put this information into a table.


Once back in the classroom we used calculators to work out the mean time from all three results.

Team building

Dosbarth Mrs Curtis have been having fun this week learning and taking part in a team building activity.

The class was split up into four teams, each had to get their whole team across the ‘river’. Each team was given seven ‘rocks’, that they could use to cross the river, if any member of the team fell in, they had to go back to the ‘bank’ to start again.

The teams realised that they had to work together, listen to each other, use problem solving and think about every member of the team to complete this activity.

Each team had a different approach to this activity and they had lots of fun trying out different ways to cross the river.