Playground Games


Dosbarth Mrs Curtis have been using the new playground markings to make up playground games.

Each group had to teach the rest of the class how to play their game. The teams then voted for the game they enjoyed the most.

Parachute Investigation

Dosbarth Mrs Curtis have planned and carried out an investigation to find out if the size of a parachute affects the time it takes to fall. They asked the question does a big parachute fall slower than a small one?

First we made five different size parachutes out of plastic bin bags and string.

We then took the parachutes over to the park, they were all dropped from the top of the slide, three times. We recorded the time it took them to fall and put this information into a table.


Once back in the classroom we used calculators to work out the mean time from all three results.

Team building

Dosbarth Mrs Curtis have been having fun this week learning and taking part in a team building activity.

The class was split up into four teams, each had to get their whole team across the ‘river’. Each team was given seven ‘rocks’, that they could use to cross the river, if any member of the team fell in, they had to go back to the ‘bank’ to start again.

The teams realised that they had to work together, listen to each other, use problem solving and think about every member of the team to complete this activity.

Each team had a different approach to this activity and they had lots of fun trying out different ways to cross the river.

Space Race

This week dosbarth Mrs Curtis have been learning about the ‘Space Race’.

We have organised major space travel events in chronological order. From the evidence we had collected, everyone decided who they think won the ‘Space Race’ and their reason why.


We have also been enjoying playground games during our Health and Well-being lesson.


Coding with Milo the Science Rover

Dosbarth Mrs Curtis have been exploring different ways scientists and engineers can reach remote places, they have been using the Lego sets to create and program Milo the Science Rover. Using the Lego WeDo 2.0 app, the children worked in pairs to follow the instructions to build their Science Rover.


The next step was to program Milo to move forward using coding. The children learnt about the different programming blocks and what they all do.

The children discovered that when they change the number input block, they could make the Rover go faster or travel longer distances.

Health and Well-being

Dosbarth Mrs Curtis have been using the new den building kits during their Health and Well-being lesson this week.

 Each group had a den building kit which included; two tarpaulins, a camouflage net, rope, tent pegs, a mallet and two clips.

They had to work as a team to make a den they could all fit in.


 All the groups successfully made a den that sheltered them when the rain started. Some had more room to move around than others. 

Planning our outdoor area

 This week dosbarth Mrs Curtis have been planning and designing their outdoor space. We started by measuring the area using trundle wheels, then deciding as a class on the scale to use on the plans.

 The next step was to measure the shed and the outdoor classroom, ready to add them to our plans.

 Team work was needed for this exercise.

 Back in the classroom, each table drew up their scaled plans. They decided where they wanted the different areas to be, including a new cherry tree and what we are going to plant in the planters.

 The year 6’s had the job of planting the cherry tree outside the classroom.


Welcome back dosbarth Mrs Curtis

The Children in dosbarth Mrs Curtis are happy that they are back in school with their friends. We have been having lessons outside enjoying the new playground and it’s markings, the outdoor classroom and the rainbow picnic benches.

 Playing netball.

 A language, literacy and communication lesson outside. Discussing the reasons for and against children having mobile phones.

 Our new insect hotel being filled with sticks.

 We even have dinner outside, enjoying the spring sunshine.