Chester Zoo

Dosbarth Mrs Curtis and dosbarth Miss Powell had a fantastic day out at Chester Zoo. Both classes took part in a Rainforest workshop, looking at how animals adapt to their habitats, deforestation and what we can do to protect the rainforest.


We saw lots of animals that we have been learning about in school from the Amazon and the Indonesian Rainforest.



Dosbarth Mrs Curtis have been working out how much carbon is absorbed by the trees in the school field.

First the children measured the circumference of a tree about 1.5m from the ground.

We then used information from ‘Just one tree’ to work out the trees dry weight value in kg.

The carbon stored in the tree is half the dry weight, after dividing the weight by two we had the amount of carbon absorbed by that tree.



We have been learning about coding this week. Some of the children have been programming the Bee-Bot and others have used a variety of resources. We had so much fun.

We had to give Miss Burgoyne instructions to make a jam sandwich. It was quite a buttery mess!

Our Body

This week we have been learning about muscles and how our body moves. Some of us researched facts about muscles, using non fiction books and the internet to create a spider diagram, and some of us went outside to explore our muscles by doing a variety of exercises.

Vegetables Boxes

Thank you to everyone that bought vegetable boxes from dosbarth Mrs Curtis and dosbarth Miss Powell. The children enjoyed pulling up all the vegetables and seeing how big they had grown.


The money from the sale of the boxes is going to be used to buy bulbs and other gardening items.


Learning about our Local Area

Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have been learning all about their local area. The children located different places in New Radnor on Google maps and then went on a Welly Walk to explore the local area.



The children then worked in groups to recreate the local area using junk. They used the photos that they took on the welly walk to help them.

The children made models of the School, Church, 2 houses and Sharon’s Shop!

Welly Walk

This week in Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne’s class the children looked for colours in Smatcher wood with Mrs Dinsdale. Before the children left they predicted how many colours from their colour wheel they would see. The children thought they would find between 2 and 6 colours. They were surprised to find there was actually 9 different colours in leaves, berries, flowers and toadstools!