Welly Walk

Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have been learning about living and non-living things and had fun on a welly walk this week searching for these around the village. We found lots of living things, such as the trees, flowers and animals, and lots of non-living things like bins, cars and houses. Great searching everyone! 

Visit from Sophie

Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have been lucky enough to have a visit from Sophie this week who spent some time living in India. Prior to Sophie’s visit, in class we have learnt about what questions are, why we ask them and how to write them. The learners created some brilliant questions of their own to ask Sophie so that they could find out more information about India and about her experience of living there. Some of the learners worked as a group to create some questions together and other learners typed their own questions up on the computer. We would like to say a big thank you to Sophie for very kindly coming in!

Bollywood Dance

The learners had a great morning participating within a dance workshop today from ‘Dance Days’. The younger learners experienced Bollywood dancing to support their learning of India. The learners engaged well and had some great moves. Well done everybody!


Learners in Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have been busy this week learning about traditional Indian foods and how India has impacted on food available in the United Kingdom. We have read the story’ Bilal Cooks Daal’ and then worked together to make some of our own red lentil dahl to taste. We talked about and smelt the spices and observed the changes in the ingredients when they were heated. 

Special Buildings

Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have been learning about the Taj Mahal. Some of the learners co-constructed their own success criteria based on the features of the Taj Mahal, to then use to create their own special buildings with their chosen materials.  The younger learners also did a brilliant job of constructing their own special buildings using various materials they found around the classroom and outdoors. 

Coconut Ladoos

Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne enjoyed the experience of making Indian coconut ladoos in class and showed great team work throughout. The learners followed instructions carefully and used their measuring skills to measure out the ingredients accurately. Well done everyone!


Following our learning about Indian clothing, Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have been learning about cotton and how the United Kingdom relies on other countries such as India to get this due to them having the correct weather conditions to grow it. The learners explored the life cycle of a cotton T-shirt and learnt about tie dying. They had great fun creating their own bright tie-dyed T-shirts to resemble the vibrant colours used in Indian clothing. Don’t they all look great! 

Traditional Indian Clothes

The learners in Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne wore their own home clothes to school this week to compare these with traditional Indian clothing. The learners were excited to try on some Indian clothes and were able to find some similarities and differences between these and their own clothes.