Three Little Pigs House

The learners in Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have been applying their knowledge and understanding of materials and their properties to independently make their own strong houses for the ‘Three Little Pigs’ to live in. The learners thought carefully about the features of their houses, the materials they used and why, and they talked about what materials they would use if they were going to make a real house, giving reasons for these. The learners have all worked particularly hard and have constructed some amazing houses to confidently talk about. Bendigedig Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne! 

Three Little Pigs

Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have used their knowledge and understanding of materials and their properties gained from their previous Science and Technology lessons, to work in small groups to find ‘good’ and ‘bad’ materials for building a house with (a real house or a strong toy house). The learners talked about the reasons for their choices and shared these with their peers.

We read the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ and tested the three materials the pigs used to find out whether they were ‘good’ or ‘bad’ choices to build a house with and why. To finish off, the learners then sorted some more materials, such as concrete, slate and wool, working within groups.

Building Site

Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have been busy on the building site during their own planning time. The learners have made some amazing structures using their imagination, such as tunnels, bungalows, aeroplanes and cars. The learners have also shown great team work when working together to construct these. Well done Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne! 

Changing Shape

Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have been investigating whether materials can change shape. The learners explored a range of materials and found out that some are able to be changed in certain ways and others cannot, for example a sock can be stretched but a drinking can cannot be. 

Natural and Man-made

Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have been learning about natural and man-made materials. The learners worked hard in groups to sort some natural and man-made materials and also found many of their own examples on a welly walk around the village. 

Material Hunt

Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne went on a material hunt on their welly walk this week. The learners did a great job of finding the materials they have been learning about. Some examples of these were fabric curtains and flags, wooden benches and poles, glass windows, plastic bins and metal fencing. 


Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have started learning about materials. This week the learners have worked hard to identify and compare different materials and they have thought of a variety of adjectives, such as hard, shiny, soft, rough and cold to describe these. They have worked in groups to decide how to sort some objects, for example some learners chose to sort them into smooth or bumpy. We also sorted the objects into the different materials they are made from; wood, fabric, metal, glass, paper or plastic.