Welly Walk

Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have been out making the most of the glorious weather on our welly. This week we have linked it to our learning in our Mathematics and Numeracy lessons and went on an odd and even number hunt around the village. 


As part of our shape topic in Maths and numeracy this term, we have been focusing on angles. This week we made the most out of our outdoor space and observed the different types of angles all around us. We then moved on to calculating missing angles within triangles.

Empathy Day

Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have been celebrating ‘Empathy Day’. The learners did a brilliant job of making their own empathy glasses to recognise empathy in various scenarios and to practise being empathetic themselves. We also listened to the story ‘My Beautiful Voice’ and discussed where empathy was shown in this. 

Hay Festival

Dosbarth Miss Powell and Dosbarth Mrs Smith had a fantastic day at the Hay Festival. We went to talks from Dr Ranj, Bear Grylls and Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock.

Thank you to Mrs Dinsdale who applied for a transport grant that enabled this trip to be FREE for all learners!

Why Rivers are Important

Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne have been learning about why rivers are important and what we can do to protect them. The learners worked in groups to create posters on how to help save our rivers to share in an assembly with the rest of the school. Bendigedig Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne, you’ve highlighted some important actions we can take to help protect our rivers! 

Welly Walk

On our welly walk this week, Dosbarth Miss Burgoyne visited Harley Valley to see the stream. We were lucky enough to have the sunshine, so we took our drink and snack! It was a lovely morning out with some great discussions about the stream.