In October we completed 7 computer games with Irfon Valley CP School. These games have different levels and we completed the following SC to make sure they were going to be enjoyed by children in Irfon Valley.

– -Does your computer game have Tutorials?
-What makes games fun?
-Has your game got good graphics?
-Does it have an interesting story?
-Does your game have interesting characters and nice music to make it enjoyable?
-Does your game have interesting and fun noises in the game play?
-Is the game is too hard? If so your target audience might become frustrated with it and give up.
-Is a game is too easy? If so your target audience might finish it too quickly and find it boring.
Games need to balance these two extremes.
-has it got levels?
-Does your game give the player feedback?
-Has your computer got a Welsh element?
Is your computer game accurate and topic based?

 Here is the link to see what the games are like.